• My diagram network:
        Lan1 - Pfsense - Draytek 2925 –connect VPN --- Draytek 2910 - Lan2

    • VPN connect is successful
    • I can access from Lan 1 to Lan 2 by port 80.
          + Allow access tcp protocol - Any - Source: Lan net - Destination: IP address remote net work VPN (Lan2). Interface: LAN
      but I can't access by use UCN path and ICMP portocol. I need transfer file between Lan1 and Lan2, aopposite. More I can use ICMP protocol between 2 site. Can you help me to do this?
          My english is bad. Thank you.
  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have VPN connectivity and the firewall rules on the VPN are set to pass, you probably need to change the permissions on the client PCs/servers to allow what you're trying.

    Accessing by UNC path usually needs:

    1. DNS (or access by IP address) – so make sure the hostname you're trying to reach actually resolves. If it does not, access by IP address and/or setup a host override so you can use the hostname instead.
    2. Access to the server via SMB -- By default on many (all?) Windows versions the Windows firewall blocks access to shared from other subnets. Add an exception to the Windows firewall for the VPN subnet, or disable the Windows firewall (not recommended except as a test)

    It's also possible you have some other more fundamental flaw but without more detail it's impossible to say what that might be.