Firewall setup with 2 to 3 firewalls

  • Hi i'm quite new to pfSence and firewall configuration but I want to archive the below 3 layer setup.

    ISP->[existing Firewall/router] - (network 10.100.1.x, for my nginx loadbalancer and web server) -> [pfSense FW1] - (network 10.100.2.x, for my DB server) -> [pfSense FW2]  - (storage network)

    not sure if the above makes any sense to you
    I was also wandering if it would make more sense to replace FW1 and FW2 by only one FW.
    currently I'm trying to get the FW1 setup without any luck.
    How do I need to configer the WAN/LAN ports, in bridge mode ?

    sorry if anything of this was already ask/answered


  • Draw a schematic. Ascii art isn't working

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