RAM Disk Settings (Reboot to Apply Changes)

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    RAM Disk Settings (Reboot to Apply Changes)

    Is it really "Reboot to Apply Changes" or only to enable disable the RAM disk or change capacity.

    I don't get prompted to reboot when changing periodic backup settings.

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    The new settings are only applied at boot time in any of those cases (turning on RAM disks, changing the size, or turning off RAM disks)

    It doesn't prompt to reboot. I suppose it could, but historically doing that conditionally has not been ideal.

  • Changing the periodic backup settings is just a cron job change.  So reboot is not required for that to be applied.

    Changing the size gives the message, "The changes have been applied successfully." even though it has not actually been changed, and there is no instruction that a reboot is needed to complete the change.

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