Split tunneling using openVPN, PIA for remote accessing Plex server

  • Hello,

    I've been trying to configure a setup where my Plex servers traffic is routed through openVPN/PIA. I would also like still access my plex server remotely. I run the plex server on a different VLAN than the rest of my network (ex. VLAN30). So, I guess in essence what I'm trying to do is setup split tunneling so all my traffic on VLAN30 is secure using openvpn/PIA and all other traffic is sent over the network as usual.

    I tried to use the tutorial in this post however, after following the instruction I lost all my Vlan interfaces and only had access to the LAN interface. I used a backup config.xml to restore my old settings but I really need some help.

    I'm not sure what logs or screenshots I could offer to assist with troubleshooting. Let me know and I will provide them ASAP.

  • hello,

    I have been for a long time trying to get the remote plex connection working over the openvpn unsuccessfully.
    It can work routed over the wan, but i can't get over openvpn.

    If you managed to solve this, i would appreciate some advice on how you did it.