Dashboard/Status OpenVPN status GUI bug ?

  • Just upgraded to 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 and now the services status dashboard pane shows the openvpn service as stopped.
    Also Status OpenVPN page shows "Unable to contact daemon" and "Service not running?".

    However, the service is running and I am able to connect to the OpenVPN so it appears to be a GUI bug.

    Anyone else got this ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There have been some issues with OpenVPN in the past that could trigger that but we haven't seen it happen in a while. Basically the OpenVPN daemon, its PID file, and the unix management socket are not all in the same state.

    If you kill the openvpn process from the shell and restart it from the GUI it should recover.

  • Happens to me as well, once or twice a day or so, seems to be related to VPN reconnects/renegs as I always ses a couple of TLS handshake errors in the logs around the same times.
    I don't bother restarting the service all the time, as it still works and I see that the connection is up under gateways. It will still lose sync sooner or later.
    I would be nice if it where fixed though… :)

    Regards, Wish