• My ISP offers OpenVPN, but for IPv4 only. They have a 6rd setup, and I can make it work through the VPN connection using OpenWRT or pfSense. My problem is that it needs some hacking, and I'm unable to make it work automatically on pfSense.

    The first issue is that the VPN interface does not publish its IP address, so it's not possible to set its IPv6 configuration to 6rd. I have worked around this by changing the /usr/local/sbin/ovpn-linkup script to save ${ifconfig_local} to /tmp/${1}_ip. After this the VPN interface gets an IPv6 address too.

    I can now set the LAN interface IPv6 configuration to "Track Interface", but it doesn't pick up the IPv6 address automatically after I reboot. I have to go into the LAN interface settings, save and apply to make the LAN interface get an IPv6 address?

    What am I missing to make the LAN interface to notice the address change on the VPN interface it's supposed to track?

    After I get the IPv6 address on my LAN interface, I can run "route add -inet6 default -interface opt1_stf" on the console, and my IPv6 traffic goes through the VPN.