Advanced firewall settings issue

  • Hello everybody,

    My problem may be very well related to the issue between the keyboard and chair, but nevertheless:
    I have a pfsense box in bridge mode. The first, principal and most important question is: Are the advanced firewall features such as "Simultanneous client connection limit" and "Maximum state entries per host" available in such a configuration? I was not able to make it working.
    Do I understand those two parameters such as the Maximum state entries … is essentially the state table size for a given host, and the Simultanneous client ... is the maximum amount of states for a given pair of client-server IPs?
    And the final question, how would I incorporate these options into the rule "semantics"? Does those rules generate a match when the limit is exceeded, and thus the action taken in the firewall rule would be "block"? I haven't been able to find this documented anywhere, so I would be forever grateful for guidance in this matter..

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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