Need help with pfSense on VBox and ESXi

  • Hello Everyone,


    First of all, i'm just a programmer and to be honest, i don't have much knowledge about networking. this is the first time i try to use pfSense. also my English is bad.. so…, sorry in advanced..  ;D

    i'm currently make an desktop and web application for a client that required that my application is able to access the database/email and a web server from internet. i want to install all the servers (database, email, web server) in ESXi along with pfSense.

    What I Need

    My client got an "public" ip address from their ISP. so,

    • If it possible, I want to run all the servers (along with their office LAN) behind pfSense.
    • My application can still access the servers from anywhere as long as the client PC have internet. (using that public ip address from ISP)
    • I need to connect to the servers via ssh.

    What I Did

    But before i install on ESXi, i run a "simulation" using VirtualBox at home to figure that my setup/config will work on ESXi.  (see attachment)

    • Ubuntu server (SV0, SV1, SV2), pfSense and Client PC (Windows 7) installed on vBox
    • SV0, SV1, SV2 and pfSense eth1 is bridge to my home LAN and i can access all the servers and pfSense webadmin.
    • pfSense eth0 and Client PC is using VBox Host-only adapter.
    • i change default port for mysql to 8306 and http to 8808. i also want to use port 8110 for pop3

    I use Client PC to "simulate" internet access to the servers trough pfSense eth0. I install my application to Client PC to see if my application can connect to database server.


    • Is this configuration will work ?
    • If it can work, how to configure pfSense so Client PC (and my application) can access the servers?
    • If it can work, my ESXi configuration will be the same. any advice what i must do when i use ESXi with this configuration?
    • As i mention before, this is my 1st time to use pfSense, so any detail information or step by step will much appreciated.
    • I'm also new to *nix environment, so what "the best and easy to configure" email server that support pop3 for linux..  ;D


    Thanks for all your help. Any detail or Step by Step information will much appreciated.

    Have a nice day