Dashboard widget packet count going up, but no alerts or blocked connections

  • I decided to try pfBlockerNG out. I created a real simple config. I have a single open port on my WAN, so I created GeoIP rules based on top 20 countries and proxy list with a custom destination port matching what I have open (yes, protocol was changed to TCP/UDP so port matching actually works).

    I confirmed I have 2 new block rules attached to my WAN interface. They both look fine, both log denied packets. My implicit deny rule also logs packets.

    As of this morning, the dashboard widget for pfBlockerNG says it blocked over 1000 packets using the top 20 countries rule. However, it did no such thing. The pfBlockerNG alerts show nothing blocked. The firewall rule shows 0B and 0 packets for the top 20 countries rule. The firewall logs from pfSense show there was no blocked connections on the specified port either (it's not often scanned).

    Why does the widget insist on incrementing its packet count when it's actually blocked nothing?

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