How to discard changes

  • We have Community Edition 2.6.3. I have just taken this over from a left employee and was reviewing some HAProxy settings in Services.
    Although I changed nothing, the web GUI has got it into its head that I have changed something and insists on Apply Changes.
    How is it possible to make the Web GUI discard these changes?
    I checked out Backup Restore, but found no record from there of what changes had been made or of a backup.
    How can the GUI be persuaded to discard these changes?

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    There isn't a record – outside of the config history -- of what changed to trigger that "Apply Changes" button. Even if you changed nothing, but clicked Save, it shows that.

    If the settings in the GUI are all correct in all the tabs, then you can click "Apply Changes" without worrying.

  • Hi.

    We have Community Edition 2.6.3

    Will it be 2.2.6?

    One way for "restore recent configuration": From shell menu: Option 15 ) Restore recent configuration.

    Or via shell, executing:



  • Hello,

    since this is still showing up when searching "pfsense discard changes", I will reply to this post.

    We run the pfsense "community edition" (2.4.3-RELEASE-p1) and after a bit of searching, I found a very convenient way to undo the last changes before 'applying changes'.

    Here is a short guide how to do it:

    1. Click on the Diagnostics Menu at the top
    2. Choose the Backup & Restore option
    3. Change to the Config History tab
    4. Now you can undo your last changes by clicking Revert config in the Actions row
    5. Go back to the site where the changes were made(and where the 'apply changes' button was)
    6. If you now press the 'apply changes' button, only the changes that you did not undo will be saved.

    It's very helpful to look at the time these changes were made.
    Just look at the Date row and figure out how much you want to restore.

    Kind regards

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