Delete DHCP leases

  • It seems like the webgui has a way to determine when to show delete function for DHCP leases. I  bounce the service to get the delete icon to display. Why not allow delete icon always and let me decide?

  • I believe when a device that is holding a lease is not in the ARP cache of pfSense then it "allows" the delete button to be displayed. I too would like to know why that is a requirement though- seems like we should be able to delete a lease at any time.

  • I believe the thinking behind it is that if the device is online, it's using that IP address. Deleting the lease means that another device would be able to obtain that address from the DHCP server, resulting in an IP address conflict.

    And yes, it's based on the presence of the address in the ARP table.

  • Thanks Virgilio, that does actually make sense. I run into this most often when setting up DHCP reservations and I want to remove the old dynamically assigned entry.  But the extra safety does make sense.

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