How to remove Ads removal message

  • Hello,

    After Ads (https://pubads.g.doubleclick,net) removal from pages like youtube there is white blank page saying below message. is there any way to clean it up.
    so that page looks nicer and cleaner.

    Hmm, we cant reach this page

    Try this.

  • The message is coming up because the DNS request is pointing to the internal server, which responds with an SSL encrypted gif encrypted using its internal certificate.

    IIRC you may be able to get rid of the message by having the client trust the server certificate, but the blocking offered is a DNS redirection so even then it won't stop blank boxes from coming up as that's part of the HTML/CSS of the page.

    You'd need to use Squid and one of the adblock solutions which alters the html content if you want to completely hide the blank spaces/ invalid certificate messages.

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