Captive Portal + Freeradius limit multi login per user

  • Hi
    Is it possible to only allow a user to connect twice with a single freeradius User.
    I have tried "Number of Simultaneous Connections" and limit to 2 for (Laptop and cellphone for exemple)
    But when a look to the captive portal Status, some of my users have 3 connections.

    So is there a way to limit to 2 connections per login or i have to disable the concurent logins and set up 2 different login per user

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The way captive portal works in many cases it has to reauthenticate users to make sure their login is still valid. For example, to enforce time or data limits. If you limit a user to one login, this reauthentication fails since they are currently online when the reauth happens. So for one user to connect from one device the limit has to be at least 2.

    So to allow them to login twice, it would have to be set for 4+.

    Kind of ugly, though. Using multiple logins so they have one unique login per device is cleaner and more secure.