Pia openvpn with pfsense when conected dont ping anything

  • hi. i try so hard to connect vpn in pfsense clean configuration. i alredy do reset and install all again like  manual and video on youtube but dont work anyway…
    i reset 1000times and try again, please help
    i have a provider router with ip
    and i have a pfsense router with lan

    when i use lan port in desktop i have internet 100% but if i connect vpn i cant acess internet and dont have ping. see all images

    image hosting 15mb

    please help

  • You watched the wrong Youtube manuals!
    You're missing an outbound NAT rule for the VPN.

    First go to Interfaces > (assing), go down to "Available network ports" and select your OpenVPN client from the dropdown (e.g. ovpnc1) and hit the Add at the right. Then click on the new interface to open the settings and check Enable, enter a description and save it.

    Then go to Firewall > NAT > Outbound, select "Hybrid Outbound NAT" and hit Save.
    Add a new rule, select the VPN interface which you have added above, at sourve enter your LAN network, leave the other options at their defaults, enter a description if you want and save it.

    Now the internet access should work.