Twitter poll about funding BBcan177 and pfblockerNG

  • Netgate

    Dear pfSense community,

    I am running a twitter poll about funding BBcan177's work on pfblockerNG

    If pfBlockerNG is important to you, please vote.

  • Is there an alternative voting channel for those of us who do now use Twitter?

  • I don't have a Twitter account  :o
    Why can't this be posted as a bounty?

  • pfBlockerNG is my most used package right now, and I appreciate BBcan177's work.  I don't have Twitter either – can a post be created in this thread perhaps?  (Please?).

    Also, what exactly are category blacklists?  Are they trying to function as a content filter, so Adult Sites, Gambling, etc. and pfBlocker would just have a gigantic IP or DNS list of a bazillion sites in those categories?  Seems like Squidguard or Dansguardian or OpenDNS function in that capacity.  Maybe I'm not understanding the functionality?

    At any rate, I do appreciate the work behind pfBlockerNG, and I'm willing to chip in to keep development going.