Firewall alias issue after adding a wrong alias

  • Hi,

    We figure out a bug when using an alias group into firewall rules. Here are the steps that we use to reproduce it :
    • Add a non-existing alias into the alias group “GR_TEST_alias”
    • Apply config
    • ALL IS OK and server source can reach their destination provided by the firewall rule and the alias that are used
    • Remove non-existing alias
    • Apply configuration change
    • ISSUE REACHED (group is like “bugged”) and communications allowed by the rule are not working
    • Edit alias group
    • Save (without doing any change)
    • Apply configuration change
    • ISSUE FIXED and communications are restablished

    Note : alias group contains VM alias. And VM alias contains IP.
    Issue has been tested and confirmed on our firewal on versions 2.3.2 (amd64) and 2.2.6 (amd64).

    ==>Does anyone reached it ? Thanks for your support :)