OpenVPN not allowing some users to connect

  • Hey everyone,

    On my pfSense account, we have multiple users, and we use both RDP, and OpenVPN+VMware to connect to a server at a Datacenter. Some accounts are able to connect via OpenVPN just fine, while other accounts get kicked off, and reconnected every 2 minutes (almost to the second). I made a couple of new test users to connect with, and they work just fine. Does anyone know what could have happened to cause some users to be disconnected, while others stay connected just fine?

    I hope this makes sense, if you need any clarification on anything please let me know.


  • What's different about these specific users?  Are hey going through a proxy?  What's in your OpenVPN log at the time that these folks get disconnected?  If nothing relevant, edit your OpenVPN config to increase the verbosity form the default (1) to something larger and then test again.