Problems with openVPN, I can't do pings with computers in the LAN

  • Hello!

    I have a problem when i configure openVPN,  I can't do pings with computers in the LAN:

    I made some configurations of  openVPN and I used this article :
    When I made the conection with one computer that had internet conection, that gave me this IP:, and I saw in the pfsense status the conection of openVPN

    this is my configuration for the tunel:

    And my rule's configuration in the firewall:

    i hope that you can help me!!

  • i keep wondering why people keep asking questions in the wrong subsections of this forum, when there is a 'openvpn' section specially dedicated for it.
    @Derelict:thanks for moving it

    that said: your 'local network' in the second screenshot doesn't include the 10.10.10.x network you are trying to reach ; that is atleast one of your problems

  • Netgate

    And the tunnel network is**/20** which includes so I'm not sure what you're actually trying to do. The tunnel network needs to be distinct from any other networks on the firewall.

    Pings, etc, to other tunnel network addresses can be hit and miss because those addresses are not tied to actual interfaces on the firewall and there might or might not be any IP stack to respond depending on how you're doing it and the context.

    And the client computer is on which is listed as the local network in the server config.

    No idea what you're actually trying to do.

  • hi guys!

    Derelict thanks moving my comment…

    Well, I'm trying to get my local network from the outside to access my pfsense server ( and other servers (ex:, are within the subnet.

  • Netgate

    Use something outside that subnet for the tunnel network and put in the Local Networks on the server.