Captive Portal logs facilities

  • I have CP active with no authentication.

    I have Squid implemented using Freeradius authentication.  The clients connects to Internet using the proxy but some applications can not use the proxy so I have many "Allowed Hostnames" to permit access to the internet to those applications.

    The problem is that some applications that can not use the proxy do not have good error messages, so when they try to access sites not included in the "Allowed Hostnames" or "Allowed IPs" they fail to run with a non informative error.

    So the app does not tell me the site it tries to access.  Then I need to have a CP log where to look for the blocked site.

    Is there a CP log facility that hold the blocked sites?  If not, do you know if there is a package or script that can help me add such facility.

    Anything that could help me identify the blocked sites!

  • There has almost a month since I started this thread but did not had any reply.

    I guess then that there is no way to know the blocked sites by Captive Portal.

    So maybe this should be a feature request to pfsense, and in my opinion an important one.

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