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    Not a trainsmash, just a curious question. I run a domain environment with domain user accounts. If the first domain account logs into the captive portal on a workstation, everything works fine. If the first domain account logs out and a second domain account logs into the same workstation and try's to login to the captive portal, I get the below log query and squid logs the first domain user account instead of the 2nd one that just logged in. To get around this I have set the captive portal to logout users after 5mins of inactivity. While im happy to keep it as it is, im just curious if one can somehow set it to keep its session during a domain login, then log off the captive portal when the domain account logs out OR allow it to have more then one login per workstation/ip address. Thanks in advance.

    logportalauth  56383  Zone: captiveportal - CONCURRENT LOGIN - REUSING OLD SESSION: bmagingxa, ,

  • Just to follow up, I posted this over a week ago and no reply. pfSense community support seems to be lacking  :-\

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    It doesn't mean support is lacking. If anything, it means nobody has attempted the configuration you are attempting or has encountered that problem before, or nobody feels confident enough to step in and assist. You're also posting in entirely the wrong area. You posted in the packages board, not captive portal, so it's not surprising that nobody responded. I'll move the post momentarily.

    Then problem you are seeing is that captive portal has no way to know when a user has logged out of your domain account on the workstation. It only sees username/IP address/MAC address. When the first user logged out of the domain account they didn't first logout of captive portal, so the old session was still valid.

    The only way around that would be using a timeout, such as you've done, or instructing your users that they must logout of captive portal before logging out of their domain account.

  • Apologies, I thought the packages area was the support area regarding packages such as squid/captive portal on pfsense.

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    captive portal is not a package -  it's part of the base system.

  • @jimp:

    captive portal is not a package -  it's part of the base system.

    Fair enough

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