Is this possible ?

  • Hi Guy's I am a noob on VPN,

    My situation:

    At work we have a thirtparty that managed our corporate network (5 remote sites).

    Is it possible to integraded a pfsense box (only in OpenVPN router mode) without modifying the gateway from our thirtparty ? to connect to our servers on the main location ? What do I have to do ?

    Please Help !!! ???

  • You would have to give a lot more information about how your network is setup, for me to be able to give you a clear answer.

    It "might" be possible.

  • Hi,

    We allready have a corperate network. 5x remote locations

    On Location "A" I have a pfsense box, I use it as a proxy server and now I want to use the OpenVPN cappabilities from it.
    I have also on location "A" a Cisco Router/Firewall from our thirtparty that connects all sites together.

    The point is the default gateway is from my provider ex.
    I can create a OpenVPN connection but I can only ping the PFsense box or the machines that I set on Fixed IP with the PFsense box as gateway.

    How can I fixe this problem

    Thirtparty Provider (Maintenance the Corp network)
          A –-- B ---- C --- D --- E



  • So you only want to access services FROM the roadwarriors withing your existing network and not TO your roadwarriors.

    I Think you can just enable advanced outbound NAT and NAT from the roadwarrior-subnet to your existing network.
    For servers in your existing network it would seem as if the connections come from the IP of the pfSense-machine:,7001.0.html