IP Address Assignment

  • I VPN in to my place of work.  I hit the internet.  My ip address seems to originate from my work place.

    Okay, Juniper VPN server, perhaps some magic there.

    I VPN to a cloud node I operate from a linux box at home, both sides running OpenVPN, and my ip address out to the internet now appears to be the address of my cloud node.


    Now, I load up OPenVPN on my pfsense box.  I verify I can connect in, but I hit the internet and I am still recognized as having my original local address.  Had a friend test from out of state, same result.

    When I run a trace from my lap top on one of the first two cases, ALL my traffic is going out encapsulated, which is what I would expect.

    When I am connected to pfSense, I only see SOME traffic being encapsulated, almost like it is being split tunneled.

    Can I configure OpenVPN on pfSense, to have all traffic on a connect come through  and appear to be originating from my in house network ?


  • Check "Redirect Gateway" in the OpenVPN server settings.

  • Yes, thanks.

    Completely blew past that setting/working now

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