Firewall slowing down and dropping torrent connections

  • Hi guys

    I am having problems when I use torrents;
    Below is the rule that enables outside clients to reach the workstation that runs Torrents

    I am seeing a lot of connection initiated from outside to port 54321 (torrent client) that are being dropped
    At the same time after a while I firewall slows down making the browsing very slow and other connection initiated from outside ( like, RDP or http)  impossible to establish.
    I believe that this is probably related to some FW limits that have to be adjusted but I am not sure what exactly is being saturated

    Does anybody know what I have to do to fix this?

    thank you

  • For torrents, you likely want to also open UDP port 54321.

    Are you saturating your connection's bitrate? Traffic-shaping can help.

    By default, pfSense should be able to handle a hundred thousand states ("connections").

  • Thanks , I did not realize that, the former Linksys used to open both

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