Loosing SIP Registration through PfSense 2.3.3.a.20161025.1135

  • just wanted to mention that on some snapshot-releases of pfsense, I had problems that FreePBX Trunks will not registering anymore after a few hours. FreePBX says "request sent" in these Trunks. I have four Trunks and only the Trunk which terminates to xxx:5064 stays registered, the other three trunks to xxx:5060 say "request sent".

    before 2.3.3.a.20161025.1135 there was no problem also after days.
    But with 2.3.3.a.20161025.1135 the Trunks stop beeing registered after approx. 8-10 hours.

    Last Time Clearing States helped immediately or rebooting the firewall.

    Updated to 2.3.3.a.20161027.0433 minutes ago, will report if this happens again.

    UPDATE: All trunks still registered after a day…

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