OpenVPN failover to WAN - And then back

  • Hello people,

    In my current setup i have 3 gateways. One for regular WAN and two for openvpn. My VPN client supplies a feature for static IP, so some of my devices go with static ip from VPN provider and some other devices go with the dynamic ip from vpn provider.

    If the static vpn gateway goes down, my setup tries to failover to the dynamic vpn. If that also is down, it goes on to regular WAN. That way i will always have a internet connection, if not the wan is down ofc.

    My issue is that if my vpn provider has had problems and i get disconnected so that the failover goes all the way to WAN, then the devices dont connect back again to the vpn connections when the vpn issue is resolved and online. I belive this is because there is active states and connections, so the devices that should be on VPN dont connect back, they stay on WAN untill i restart the gateway service.

    So is there any way to setup so my devices go back to the default connection when the vpn service is back online?

    I have seen the option "State Killing on Gateway Failure" thats found in system -> advanced -> miscellaneous -> gateway monitoring. But i think i need a function like this, but for when gateway comes up, instead of down.

    Any ideas?

    Im sorry for the poor description of my setup, i hope you understand.


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