Forum logs me out while creating topic?

  • If my login time expires while I am writing a new topic (or presumable if I happen to be writing a reply), when I go to Preview my post I am taken to the login screen but after that there is no post to preview.  It apparently is lost to the ether.

    Is there a way be get back my unposted writing or do I have to try something besides the default 60 min login?

    Now off to re-create that lost question I just spent 30 minutes composing.

  • Happens for years here. It seems to have something to do with SMF, the forum software.

    I've learned the hard way over the years, on this and other fora that use SMF, to always control-C my text before I hit 'post'.

  • If you check the box to Always stay logged in, then you don't have to worry about it logging you out. SMF's login is time-based (when logging in, it asks for the amount of time to stay logged in). If you check the box below the time option, then there's no timeout. Of course, then you need to make sure you do actually log out when you're done with your session, unless you want it to automatically remember you the next time you visit.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah I have always stay logged in, can not remember the last time was logged out.  Is there anywhere to check to see how long you have been logged in?

  • That's a bit dumb if it logs you out regardless, I would have hoped that the logout timer would be after that period of inactivity.

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