You Name Price, OpenVPN on one interface, WAN on other interface.

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    I have no idea how in-depth this task is so I can't name the price beyond a guess. This is only for a home setup though so not willing to pay big money, however I'm guessing that this would take a pfSense smart individual a negligible amount of time.

    I'll refer you to my post asking a question on the topic for details

    Basically, I want one interface to route all traffic through my Private Internet Access account (already set up and working great).
    AND I want another interface to route all traffic through the WAN only and totally bypass the VPN. (Interface installed and works but only routes traffic through PIA VPN).

    That's it, nothing complicated involved, just a home use case. I currently route all traffic through a VPN but as more and more websites and services block VPN's altogether it's not practical to only offer internet access via VPN. So I want an interface (already successfully connected to a separate WiFi AP) to offer a VPN-free WiFi network.

    Obviously you'll need to know more about my specific configuration. Just tell me what you want to know and I'll provide that information for you.

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    Fixed myself, please disregard.

  • Fancy sharing how you did this?

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    Not at all. I got some help here, but it still wasn't working for me. It ended up being just an old floating rule that I was playing with awhile ago and forgot to disable/delete. It wasn't doing anything until I tried to do policy based routing and it by design shut down the policy based routing. I hadn't realized I still had that rule enabled so I just deleted it and all is well.

    So in short, policy based routing, that link should tell you what you need to know to get your setup working!

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