Wireless problem with WRAP 2E

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    First of all maybe my spelling i not correct.. byt bare with me.. iam from denmark. and better to talk english then wirte it..

    i have a little problem, I have a WRAP 2E with one Ethernet and 2 miniPCI iam trying to make it act as a accespoint with pfsense 1.2
    when i look in the setup i have 2 interfaces sis0 and ath0 i have figured out that sis0 is the LAN port and i think that ath0 is my Atheros miniPCI wifi card, but i setup, it assigns the sis0 as LAN and ath0 as WAN, i have also tryed to switch around, so sis0 is WAN and ath0 is LAN but still no wireless function avalible, i remember to have read somwhere that i have to have 2 interfaces to get it to work, (was that as a router??) do i have to have 2 LAN Interfaces and then the wifi interface to make i accespoint, or do i do somthing wrong?

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  • pfSense requires at least two interfaces: LAN and WAN. In your case, if sis0 (the onboard Ethernet) is your "LAN" then ath0 (your Atheros mini-PCI card) is your "WAN".

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