[Solved] openvpn cannot connect my lan network computer

  • Hi,
    I have configured the openvpn sucessfully. It connects sucessfully, but cannot ping my lan network.
    My internal Network - / 24
    openvpn network - /24

    note i can ping my pfsense firewall( from client computer. but cannot ping any other pc in my lan network.

    this is my routing table from client side

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    And more than likely your clients on lan software firewall says - who and the F is this trying to ping me from some network that is not my local network - F that guy, drop!!!  ;)

  • ;D Then what is the solution for this.

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    Allow your tunnel network on your software firewalls on your clients.. Or turn the firewalls off on the clients, etc. etc.

    Do you firewall between your clients on the same lan?  They are behind a firewall to the internet.  So unless you have hostile devices on your local network segment the actual use of software firewall on each and every client could be debated.

    I can tell you for sure I don't run software firewall on my lan machines.  I have pfsense firewalling between my network segments, and to and from the internet.  What would be the point of the software firewall other than extra overhead and logistics for me to manage every time I want machine A to talk to machine B, etc.

  • also: isn't valid RFC1918 address space -  <== valid

  • Thank you John It fixed. after turning windows firewall off.

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    Good catch on the 172.168 helper!!!  I missed that.

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