OpenVPN TAP adapter Win10 issues.

  • Hello all,
    Trying to setup an OpenVPN connection(s) to my PfSense box/ internal networks.

    I have an issue whereby the OpenVPN GUI login screen fails . "Connecting to pfsens-udp-1194 config has failed". This is a WIN10 enterprise 2015 LTSB.

    Checking the OpenVPN client logs states "There are no TAP-Windows adapters on this system. You should be able to install…........"
    I couldn't get the client to install the TAP adapter, so I installed it using the downloaded installer. The client still doesn't find the adapter, even though I can see it in network settings.
    Common issue of Componentid not being set in the registry are not the issue. This key exists and lists the "tap0901" adapter.

    Does anyone know what else I could try? Google only suggest the registry issue as a fix and this isn't my problem.

    PS: The OpenVPN logs all show that the LDAP authentication is working ok and the link is established (it closes after 2 minutes due to no activity) so the issue is at the client side, not server.

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    Uninstall OpenVPN and any tap adapter drivers you see in Add/Remove programs, then reboot, then install the latest OpenVPN client again.

    You can also download the latest tap driver installer from OpenVPN's site and run it standalone.

  • Thanks.
    I got it to work using the latest OpenVPN installer (in place of the PFsense downloaded client) and using the TAP driver installer.

    I'm pretty sure I had it connecting correctly running as a user, but when I uninstalled/deleted all software and did a reinstall (to ensure I have a working method for client installations) it will only get routes when running as an admin. Anyway this is an OpenVPN problem so I will use their forums for troubleshooting.

    Thanks for the help.

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