Static routing

  • Hi

    can you please to configure static route

    I have multiple vlans and all VLANs are routing each other (using layer 3 switch for this operation)

    vlan 1 I connected to wan port and assigned ip and configured gateway

    I connected my pc to vlan 2 and assigned ip, I am trying to access to pfsense WAN port from my PC but not able to access.
    can you please help me to create static route for this issue?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why would you need a static route for this?  So you have a downstream router (layer 3 switch) actually acting as layer 3 switch??

    More than happy to help, but going to need some info other than  vlan 1 and some BS made up IPs  are these rfc1918 space or public?

    If you have a downstream router doing the routing, what would pfsense care about vlans?  What does it matter what vlan is on your wan?

    So you have something like attached??  If not please draw..

    In such an example setup as I have attached.  The default route of your dowstream router would be pfsense IP address in the the transit, lets call it and in pfsense you would have routes to your 192.168.1, .2 and .3 networks pointing to your downstream routers interface in the transit - for example.  You could use summary routing depending on what your using for your downstream networks and what your using for your transit.  For example if using say 172.16.0/30 as your transit a single route of 192.168/16 could be used to tell pfsense to use your downstream router to get to those networks.

    If pfsense is natting you would have to allow for natting of these downstream networks, and also your your firewall rules on your transit interface would have to allow for these downstream networks, etc.

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