Migrating OpenVPN to different location

  • Hi,

    Currently we are having 2 offices, in the branch office we are running OpenVPN for connecting internal LAN and for couple of business sites.

    We are planning to move OpenVPN from the branch office to Main office. What's the best possibility can i make this?

    Currently there are 2 users who'll be regularly connecting to my VPN. I need to make this happen with the less downtime for both the users.

  • I'm not an expert and am just winging it, but here goes

    Export your signing, server and user certificates. Export users if you can. Import them on the new router.

    I don't know if you can export an openvpn config. If not, copy down the settings for each and recreate them on the new router.

    add firewall entries.

    Or, recreate new certificates and servers and users on the new router. I just did it for two openvpn servers and 6 users. t took about an hour including the time I needed to remember how to do it. Use the wizards. Pass out new config files.

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