Cisco virtual Wireless LAN Controller OS as guest on pfSense anyone?

  • Not sure if this is permitted, so admin feel free to remove. I just stumble on some infor and was able to get virtual environment (byhve) to run Cisco virtual Wireless Lan Controller OS on pfSense. PfSense is the host. I was trying to eliminate equipment off my server rack. One less piece of hardware (cisco 4402) sucking up electricity. Thanks to the addition of kldload vmm on pfSense 2.3. With all the dumped cisco wireless access points on Ebay, this will be a sweet setup. You will require Cicso virtual WLC licensing to download the iso image from Cisco website.

    First you must create bridge (tap0) between guest OS (cisco virtual WLC) and LAN interface on pfSense. In the steps below skip the command lines regarding tap0 bridge. I found it easier to use pfSense GUI to make the bridge. Remember to enable traffic through the bridge in firewall rules section. Here is a guide, not my website by the way. Also bhyve is in early testing stage, so cisco guest OS has a weird way to boot up.

    [2.3.2-RELEASE][admin@pfSense.home]/root: bhyve -A -H -P
    ? -s 0:0,hostbridge
    ? -s 1:0,lpc
    ? -s 2:0,ahci-hd,./vwlc.img
    ? -s 3:0,virtio-net,tap0
    ? -s 4:0,virtio-net,tap1
    ? -l com1,/dev/nmdm0A
    ? -c 1
    ? -m 2048M
    ? vwlc &
    [1] 54190
    [2.3.2-RELEASE][admin@pfSense.home]/root: cu -l /dev/nmdm0B
    Starting DB Services…
    Starting Web Services...
    Starting NA Connector...

    Cryptographic library self-test....
    Testing SHA1 Short Message 1
    Testing SHA256 Short Message 1
    Testing SHA1 Short Message 1

    XML config selected
    Validating XML configuration
    Cisco is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Software Copyright Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Cisco AireOS Version
    Initializing OS Services: ok
    Initializing Serial Services: ok
    Initializing Network Services: ok
    Initializing Licensing Services: ok

    License daemon start initialization.....
    Starting Statistics Service: ok
    Starting ARP Services: ok
    Starting Trap Manager: ok
    Starting Network Interface Management Services:
    License daemon running.....
    Starting System Services: ok
    Starting SNMP services: ok
    Starting Fastpath Hardware Acceleration: ok
    Starting Switching Services: ok
    Starting QoS Services: ok
    Starting Policy Manager: ok
    Starting Data Transport Link Layer: ok
    Starting Access Control List Services: ok
    Starting System Interfaces: ok
    Starting Client Troubleshooting Service: ok
    Starting Certificate Database: ok
    Starting VPN Services: ok
    Starting Virtual Platform component : ok
    HBL initialization is successful
    Starting Licensing Services: ok
    Starting Redundancy: ok
    Start rmgrPingTaskok
    Starting LWAPP: ok
    Starting CAPWAP: ok
    Starting LOCP: ok
    Starting Security Services: ok
    Starting Policy Manager: ok
    Starting Authentication Engine: ok
    Starting Mobility Management: ok
    Starting Capwap Ping Component: ok
    Starting AVC Services: ok
    Starting AVC Flex Services: ok
    Starting Virtual AP Services: ok
    Starting AireWave Director: ok
    Starting Network Time Services: ok
    Starting Cisco Discovery Protocol: ok
    Starting Broadcast Services: ok
    Starting Logging Services: ok
    Starting DHCP Server: ok
    Starting IDS Signature Manager: ok
    Starting RFID Tag Tracking: ok
    Starting RF Profiles: ok
    Starting Mesh Services:  ok
    Starting TSM: ok
    Starting CIDS Services: ok
    Starting Ethernet-over-IP: ok
    Starting DTLS server:  enabled in CAPWAP
    Starting CleanAir: ok
    Starting WIPS: ok
    Starting SSHPM LSC PROV LIST: ok
    Starting RRC Services: ok
    Starting SXP Services: ok
    Starting Alarm Services: ok
    Starting FMC HS: ok
    Starting IPv6 Services: ok
    Starting Config Sync Manager : ok
    Starting Hotspot Services: ok
    Starting Tunnel Services New: ok
    Starting Portal Server Services: ok
    Starting mDNS Services: ok

    Starting Data Externalization services: ok
    Starting Management Services:
      Web Server:    CLI:    Secure Web: ok

    (Cisco Controller)

    Enter User Name (or 'Recover-Config' this one-time only to reset configuration to factory defaults)


    No attached AP yet, but looks promising and will be hooking up APs for sure.

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