Suricata HOME_NET - unable to uncheck Locally-Attached Networks

  • Hi all,
    I'd like to fill strict addresses and nets in $HOME_NET variable for my LAN interface, excluding other "firewall Locally-Attached Networks".
    In other words : I have a LAN interface, and many other DMZ interfaces, and I would like to exclude DMZs networks from my LAN's HOME_NET variable.
    So I did like always :

    • pfSense alias including desired nets only
    • Suricata pass list pointing to this alias, and of course unchecking "Local Networks / Add firewall Locally-Attached Networks to the list (excluding WAN)"
    • select the pass list for my interface HOME_NET
      -validate everything
      and…  >:(
      The DMZs nets still appear in the list when I click "view list".  :-
      Is there anything I misunderstood ?  ???
      Any help would be greatly appreciated !  :)

  • In other words : unchecking Local Networks from the pass list seems to have no effect.  :(
    Could it be a cosmetic issue, while clicking "View list"  ? (don't think so…)
    Also tried to overload HOME_NET value in Advanced Configuration Pass-Through, but Advanced Configuration Pass-Through seems to be broken too (encoded while config is saved).  :(

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