DNS forwarding not working

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    Hi all,
    Running latest dev build 2.4.0 11/11 and did a non-package restore from my 2.3 box. Made no rule or NAT changes.
    The LAN is set to I have one WAN.
    When I set a computer on the LAN to use as DNS I cannot get to any website. If I use an external DNS server, it works fine.
    This worked in PFsense 2.3.2
    I am using the DNS Resolver, not the Forwarder.
    I can ping
    I have the DNS set in the General Setup.

    PFsense no longer works as a DNS forwarder. Do I need to add another rule?

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    Just started working all by itself after I came back an hour later. Did not add any rules. Strange.
    Couldn't debug this since the firewall logs do not work yet.

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