Ntopng - missing preferences menu

  • Hi.  I've searched but can't see this answered anywhere.

    I'm running 0.8.4_4 of ntopng.  There used to be a preferences menu on the settings pull down menu with various options.  That seems to have disappeared for some reason (so I only have "change password" and "export data").

    I'm logged in as admin in ntopng.

    Has anyone come across this and know how to get it back please?


  • Ok.  It looks like for some reason the redis database becomes corrupted.

    The tell-tale sign is that if you click on admin at the bottom of the page in ntopng, it should show you logged in as admin, in the "administrator" group.  If it says "unknown" for the group, then you have a problem.

    A fix is to delete the redis database (though i'm assuming this will delete all your history).

    Stop the ntopng service in pfSense.

    Then open a shell and navigate to var/db/ntopng

    Then delete (unlink) ntopng.rdb

    Then restart ntopng.  That restored my preferences menu.

  • Thanks for sharing your finding.

    If you make make any changes (from the pfSense ntopng menu) or reboot your box, it will go back to how it was. At least this is what I've noticed

  • Yes, I've noticed it on reboot and assumed it was due to my running tmp and var in RAM.  Are you also running those in RAM, or does this also affect non RAM disk installations?

  • im running a full disk install

  • Banned

    Much better fix:

    redis-cli SET ntopng.user.admin.group administrator
    redis-cli save

    https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6999. I'll submit a PR once someone unbreaks GitHub. The only thing I'm getting since yesterday is HTTP 500 Error.  >:( >:( >:(

  • Thank you. Much appreciated.

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