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  • hello
    i'm on pfsense 2.3. I creat some user who need vpn. I creat a groupe OPENVPN with only vpn_openvpn_export page.
    but when user 1 connect, he can download all users config.
    I spose i did somthing wrong way. So can any one halp me on that:
    i need users to connect to pfsense to get their config files

  • this is exactly what I am working on right now. I have it even working more or less, but as I am new to developing with php and also with pfsense, I am not sure how to implement it the correct way to be sure, that with the next official release it won't get overwritten.

    My user portal page which I made now is kompletely based on the export-module (due the lack of php and pfsense development knowledge, i'd probably broke more than I invented). Sadly I did not understand 100% yet how the access model for the files works in pfsense.

    Users can login with android, and due to the right mime type, the openvpn connect app will directly open the file after it was downloaded. (No anoying "Import from SD card" anymore)

    The user portal is done in a cloned version of the vpn-openvpn-export.php. Sadly, in order to make the download button in the users profile working, I have to allow access to the regular export page too.

    May be someone can give me some hint, how I can get this in production with a good feeling?

    many thanks in advance

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