Changed providers and web gui no longer loads

  • I have 3 different pfsense routers all apu2 or apu netgates that recently changed providers. The WAN ip has changed and now the web gui is no longer loading. I can only access the routers from the inside via team viewer.

    On a couple of other pfsense routers I added a wan2 2nd interface and added a 2nd isp and even on those the web gui will not load on the 2nd interface.

    Does this have to do with the SSL certificate for the https portion of the web gui?

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    it shouldn't unless you fqdn changed and your browser is giving you an error.

    I have to ask why you would have the webgui open to the wan in the first place ;)  Not a good idea for sure!!  Ok in a pinch, say if you locked it down to your source IP you would be coming from.  But opening up the webgui to the public internet is a really bad idea in general.

    Its quite possible your new isp is blocking inbound to 80?  Or 443?  Or your new isp put you behind a nat?

  • It is locked down to my source ip from the office. The isp doesn't do any blocking and in any case I have the same isp at our office and it works just fine. I've just never seen it not work when changing providers. Thought it was suspect of this version being that 4 different devices did it in 1 week.

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    And again did you sniff on the wan to verify traffic.  Pfsense doesn't give 2 shits what its IP address is to listen on..  So either its not listening?  Or your going to the wrong IP?  Or the traffic is not getting there..  Maybe your office IP changed? ;)

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