Can't see Captive portal login page

  • Hello everyone, a newbie to pfSense, so please be gentle :)

    I installed pfSense 2.3.2 64-bit to one pc which have 2 network interfaces.
    I configured WAN and LAN interfaces, DHCP (works only for opt1 interface), DNS (enabled as DNS forwarder).
    Also I created on VLAN interface (opt1 -

    I also configured a Level 3 switch for connecting pfSense pc and test pc's.
    I also created firewall rules for LAN and OPT1

    Then I tested Internet connection over VLAN interface. I got right IP address ( from DHCP and
    internet connection works well. I can read difference webpages.

    Now I configured captive portal (uses opt1 interface), users and vouchers.
    When I opened my browser (homepage is - I only see message - cannot open webpage..ˇ
    I checked that I got right IP address ( from DHCP.

    I used IE and Google Chrome browsers but I didn't see captive portal login page.

    I checked the conf but I don't discovered something wrong.
    Should I create my own login page? I understood that pfSense has its own built-in webpage for logging via captive portal.
    Or did I something wrong?

    Can someone clarify this for me

  • @KaruK:

    I checked that I got right IP address ( from DHCP.

    What was the IP-DNS you got ?
    Gateway ?
    (both should be == OPT1 = "pfSEnse").

    You really deactivated the pfSEnse DHCP-server from LAN ?

  • From DHCP I got:
    IP-DNS -
    Gateway -

    I didn't see any reason for why I must use DHCP for LAN interface. It has static IP address
    I want to use VLAN 12 for quests. I don't want they use net resources.
    Interface OPT1 / 24
    DHCP server range to 12.254

    Interface LAN / 24

    Interface WAN / 24

    Do you mean that VLAN users must get gateway address from dhcp server?
    If I use VLAN 12 without captive portal all work perfectly.

  • @KaruK:

    IP-DNS -

    and this IP is allowed to pass through (udp and tcp) ont the OPT1 (captive portal) interface ?

    Normally, you should use the DNS resolver (not forwarder) on the pfSense box. So your clients would see as a gateway and DNS server.
    This DNS server (pfSense) will be your "DNS cache" and he will ask 'above' if needed  - even (Google) if you instructed it to do so.
    This means : no settings to change, the captive portal works 'out of the box'.

    Gateway LAN : nothing to do with your question, but why change the default value ( to .10 ?
    (never understood why people change that value, it's .1 or .254 - never something in the middle - it your gateway after all.)

  • Thank you Gertjan

    It seems that reconfiguring DNS (forwarder –> resolver) and removing helped.
    Problem is solved.

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