Pfsense as long range Wifi extender

  • Hello,

    I have multiple remote sites away from a central that has internet, (arround 700m). Using this method with alix card , can be work? Client are IoT devices.


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    For what possible reason would you do this??  If what you want is a wifi extender then get one.. Building pfsense putting in a wifi card would be just pointless.

    Why would you not just get a real actual AP and wire it to your network in the area you need coverage??  If you want to use wifi as a backhaul and uplink..  Then ok do that.. But wifi extenders are /2 the wifi bandwidth right out of the gate.

    This is not something pfsense is meant to do..  Like trying to use a screwdriver when you need a hammer.. Sure you can hit the nail with the backend of the screwdriver.. But its not the right tool for the job.. If you want to setup a outdoor wifi network that is distance away from where your internet connection is.. Look to the unifi stuff they make lots of different products that can do wifi uplink or backhaul duty for cheap..

  • thank's for reply johnpoz .
    there are the reasons that I want to do that :

    1- For a farm, the wiring is not possible or very expensive because it will have to put the cable deeply
    2- The use of the bandwidth will be very low, for ground sensors
    3- I live in a f*** country that long range wireless is not allowed for import. So we need to build it..

    So can do the jod with pfsense and alix card?

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    "long range wireless is not allowed for import"

    Ok.. Build it, pfsense would not be the correct tool..  Grab a cheap wifi router, put dd-wrt or openwrt on it.  Connect some cantenna's

    Put real AP in the area you need wifi coverage.  Or again buy some cheap wifi routers and use them in AP..

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