OpenVPN PSK Multiple route

  • Hi,

    I've two pfsense located at two differents places, both multi-wan. I've setup a Site 2 Site VPN using "Shared Keys" and it works very well.

    The problem is that from Office "A" (Lan A) i can access LAN B but i can't access DMZ ("C") on Office "B".

    Lan (A) –---pfSenseA-------Internet--------PfSenseB--------Lan (B)  128.127
                        |                                          |------------Lan DMZ (C) 128.126.
                        |---------- Road Warriors (D)

    I added "route" in "Custom Properties" of OpenVPN Client (pfSenseA).
    PfSense A's Routing Table shows:

    Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Mtu Netif Expire
    default UGS 2 6046759 1492 ng0
    128.126 UGS 0 0 1500 tun1
    128.127 UGS 1 1788 1500 tun1

    From "A", when i run a trace to "C":

    Traza a la dirección XXXX []
    sobre un máximo de 30 saltos:

    1    10 ms    9 ms    9 ms
      2  227 ms  143 ms  144 ms

    pfSense A routes that IP to the default gateway, instead of

    Form "A", when i run a trace to "B":

    Traza a la dirección YYYY []
    sobre un máximo de 30 saltos:

    1    1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  ZZZZZZ []
      2  1807 ms  475 ms  310 ms
      3  142 ms  373 ms  534 ms

    Traza completa.

    It works ok.

    In the other hand, at the same pfSenseA i've setup other OpenVPN but for "Road Warriors" with PKI (let's call it "D"). I added also:
    push "route";push "route";
    in "Custom Properties" of the OpenVPN Server, and from "D" i've access to "B" and "C".

    Any ideas?

    Thanks !


    Since you have a multiWAN setup.
    On the LAN-tab under firewall
    Do you have a rule at the top for your remote end with as gateway *?
    Otherwise you balance traffic for your other end directly to your multiWAN-gateways.

  • Thank you very much !

    I've been searching into the forum but i've not found the answer.

    Thanks again,

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