OpenVPN Client Export packages cause virus alert

  • We just recently have run into a problem where the OpenVPN Client Export packages get flagged as a virus by multiple anti-virus vendors.  This is happening across different pfSense installations at different locations.

    I'm assuming this is a false positive.  Has anyone else seen this?  We are not running the latest version.  We've had connectivity issues at times when upgrading –- so I've been of the opinion that if it ain't broke.....

    Why would these packages get flagged as virus?  (See attached)

    I'm not even able to find info about the threat itself.

    Any input would be helpful.

    This is Client Export Utility 1.3.0 on pfSense 2.2.4-RELEASE

    Thanks all.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Would have to be a false positive. It is a self-extracting executable that isn't signed, which some paranoid systems may flag.

    I doubt it's that sophisticated, but it could also be flagging the out-of-date OpenSSL in the out-of-date OpenVPN binary you'd have there. The export package for 2.2.x is not being maintained, use pfSense 2.3.x.

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