How to pass traffic from OpenVPN server's WAN through VPN to pfSense client(s)?

  • Not sure I've set things up properly but I've got my local pfSense connecting (as client) to OpenVPN server. Connection is good for client machines:```
    wget -qO -

    Client machines connected don't see anything other than pfSense's DHCP server as if the VPN doesn't exist. For example,```
    ```returns only```
    ```yet clients can ping pfSense, the VPN tunnel and the local network of the VPN server.
    My reason for setting up the VPN is so I can drop a WAN connection and still be able to host my own web & mail servers locally. (Primary ISP blocks all the good ports.) Now that I can get out, I'm looking to be able to get in such that an HTTP request that hits my OpenVPN server forwards on to my web server. OpenVPN server is Ubuntu. Do I have to manually create those NAT rules in Ubuntu's UFW or is there a way to forward everything that hits the OpenVPN server's IP address over to me/pfSense?

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