Issues with windows 10pc's not getting valid dhcp6 lease without manual command.

  • Hi.

    I hope someone can help please. I have setup my pfsense box and  everything seems to work fine apart from an issue with my windows 10 pc's which I don't seem able to find a solution. My ISP supports IPV6 and all is well on the wan side.

    The issue I have is my win10 clients seem to be ignoring the pfsense dhcp6 server or the pfsense is ignoring the windows pc's ? - basically they all fail to get a dhcp6 lease upon boot-up. I have found that I can make them get a lease and show up in the status screen by manually running " ipconfig /renew6" - if I do this they all get a valid lease and show up properly on pfsense dhcp6 status.

    For now I have manually created a task/batch file on each machine and it all seems to work fine but I can't seem to find out why none of them will obtain a valid lease from the pfsense box on their own when booted without the batch file??

    Any help appreciated as it just seems a bit odd.

    Many thanks for any help with this..

    I am on 2.3.3.a.20161114.1700

  • Cheers - well at least I know it wasn't anything I was doing  ;D

    Will stick with the batch file for now as its still not been fixed according to other link in the post

  • Make sure you execute that batch every 1h14 min. Usually the DHCPv6 address gets deprecated every 1h15 min.

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