Captive portal URL

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfSense 2.3.2. I decided to test captive portal for wifi users.

    I configured an access point controller. There are also rj45 interfaces.
    If I connect laptop to rj45 port - everything is fine. I see pfSense captive portal login screen
    if I open browser. I can input voucher and all work.

    But if I use access points - I cant see pfSense captive portal login screen - only a message - cannot open webpage appears.

    Access point controller needs  IP address and URL for accessing external captive portal.
    Captive Portal's IP is statical - but which URL should I use?

    I tried

    but nothing work.

    Captive portal ip can set separately, there is also packet port number (can set optionally)
    But which may be captive portal URL - this is mandatory parameter in acces point controller.
    Or is there another port or URL?

  • The default in my experience is <ip-address>:8000. So in your case it would be

    Provided your access points are all on the same VLAN as the RJ45 users, you should be able to get a CP page once your client tries to navigate anywhere on the internet.</ip-address>

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