PfSense and FiOS

  • I know this has been asked and gone over a while back but I'm not a fan of bumping old posts and seeing as how tech is always changing I figured I'd make a new post.
    My question is this, I have Verizon FiOS and a pfSense box. My ActionTec Router has a coax coming from the ONT into it. I'd like to use a pfSense box to deliver internet to a switch then to devices on that switch as well as wireless connectivity. I would like it to completely bypass STBs and such though since those need various different things that the pfSense box doesn't provide. A lot of issues I seen is that it stops DVR from working and such but there were ways around this. But as I said I'd like it to go ONT -> AT Router then branch to AT -> TVs & pfSense box then pfSense box -> switch and wifi.

  • Please search the forums.  NOYB and myself have posted a few how-tos on this topic

    1. Ensure that Ethernet is enabled and transmitting data from the ONT
    2. Log into Fios router via Ethernet , release DHCP reservation on WAN, unplug from internet
    3. set static ip on computer accessing router
    4. Turn off wifi, DCHP and DNS on all connection types. Do not assign any ip addresses.
    5. turn wifi back on. Clear dhcp reservations from hosts.
    6. Plug pfsense WAN into Fios ONT, LAN into switch
    7. Plug Fios Router into switch
    8. Fios router should show no IP address and your wifi connected hosts should be assigned an IP from Pfsense.

    Internet on the wifi router will show as off, but internet is still passing through.

    I just did this set up and everything works.

  • I followed this tutorial and have everything working including CID and remote DVR.  The PFSense router is connected to the ONT with ethernet and the Actiontec is connected to the PFSense on it's own ethernet port separate from my LAN.

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