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    I recently had my pfsense router connected direct to my isp, i had a netgear r8000 connected to it to provide wifi, the r8000 was in access point mode which has worked fine in the past. i removed the pfsense box and used the r8000 on its own and the wifif performs as expected, my question is what settings in pfsense could affect wifi performance for an access point connected to it ?

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    How exactly where you using the r8000 as AP?  What is slow to you?  Pfsense doesn't give a shit be it your on a wire or coming from wifi.. There is no difference its just packets..  Now its possible you had something wrong with the AP connection to the network.. Duplex mismatch?

    Really going to need some more info to go on if you want any sort of help.

    So lets see a iperf test from wifi client to device on your wired network, then lets see iperf test from wifi client to something on the internet.  Then lets see iperf test to something on internet from wired client..  Or how about a simple speedtest from wifi client and then speedtest from wired client..

  • After re reading my post i realised it could cause a "huh?" haha, ill try your suggestions tonight, it could very well be the duplex

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