OpenVPN - huge latency spikes every ~10minutes (wan ruled out)

  • Hello

    I have two pfsense (latest version) boxes connected by openVPN.    The issue is huge latency spikes/ packet loss happening every 5-10 minutes that last anywhere between 10 seconds to a minute.

    So far there are no services causing traffic between this tunnel. The latency spikes happen either with traffic or no traffic.

    I cant find anything in the logs.  When  the connection is having issues I see the openvpn status = "connected".

    To rule out WAN connection problems on either side, I left the vpn client pinging  while  I ping the client itself through vpn.
    The wan ping is flawless, but the vpn ping shoots up sporadically.

    This screenshot was a better one (lasting only 10 seconds) but they can go up to a minute sometimes.

    Some communication is happening because the applications dont drop but are left "freezed"  (putty ssh)


  • my apologies.

    The latency was due to a faulty internal connection on my side, which coincided to the exact minute of testing the vpn.

    such is the life on IT


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