DNSSEC doens't work for me at least 2.3.3 built Nov 21 21:21:15

  • Hi

    DNS Resolver DNSSEC doesn't work for me on built 2.3.3 on Mon Nov 21 21:21:15 CST 2016. Local Names and Domain Overrides have no resolution if DNSSEC is active.

    A binary (dhcp) have been update maybe all versions with it have DNSSEC problems.


    Edit: I do not test outside domains.

    Edit2:Home server doesn't have this problem with 2.4. But have different advanced settings.

    Edite3: Time for some testing. Checking "Disable DNS Rebinding Checks" and maybe "Disable HTTP_REFERER" or some combination or toggling i can't lookup from a client: local hostnames and domain overrides. Can't reproduce this with this two unchecked. Saving Admin Access some times i eventually i have lookups again(!!!). Tomorrow, maybe, i will test with on version 2.4. Probably is not DNSSEC, directly.

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