First time OpenVPN Implementation questions

  • Howdy,

    I just went through the walk-through here (,7840.0.html) to setup openvpn to my network.  Working great!  A couple questions.

    1.  We have 2 WAN connections on our pfsense box.  In the setup I entered our main ip address.  What is the recommended way to be able to connect to the secondary WAN if necessary?

    2.  In the guide at the end where you add the LAN firewall rule, is that too wide open if assuming that I want openvpn connections to have full access to my local LAN?

    3.  Considering I used the guide to get up and running on openvpn, how do I now extend my setup so I can get other users up and going with the vpn connection (with each person using their own 'profile')?


  • 1: I cannot speak from experience, but a few users reported that if you want to use it in a multiWAN enviroment you should use TCP and not UDP as carrier protocol.

    2: The firewall rule is only there to allow your client to access the server itself.
    The connections you tunnel over this connection will not be firewalled.

    3: Create a key/certificate pair for each client.

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